My husband Michael has been intrigued by all things “artistic” since we first met in 1997.  From movies, to comic books, music and photography, if a story was being told and an emotion evoked, he was interested.  When we were choosing our wedding photographer, Michael was adamant that whomever we selected used film versus digital imaging.  He was truly a purist when it came to these images.  Little did he know, that shortly after our twin daughters were born, he would embrace the digital world and all that it has to offer.

Michael has a gift that few others possess.  He brings out the best in people through his lens.  One of his main goals during a shoot, particularly during an event, is to blend in and capture people just being themselves.  Somehow, his subject’s eye has a way of finding him (perhaps because he is often the tallest man in the room)!  He focuses on relationships between people and how these special bonds can be reflected through a portrait.
I have watched his passion for photography grow from a hobby to budding career in just a few short years and am still amazed at what he is capable of doing with a camera.  I wait anxiously on the couch while he uploads the images to the computer and watch as a family photo shoot, a wedding, a Bat Mitzvah, or a maternity session unfold in front of me.  His natural artistic ability, attention to detail, sense of storytelling, and solid grasp of his clients’ wishes make him the right photographer for any occasion.  
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